The “hidden” fees of moving

  I can totally sympathize with my clients that are relocating or buying for the first time. After relocating from France, I found myself in a situation where I was treated like I have never had a utility bill or insurance under my name.

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Part 4, So you are ready to buy a house!

The agreement of purchase and sale is signed, whew! But unfortunately that is not all the forms you need to fill out…you are on to the next form, The Confirmation of Co-operation and Representation. What is this form about? Essentially, this is how your Realtor gets paid. So you are signing a form that shows you who is representing whom. In most cases, it will be a Listing Brokerage representing their client, the seller, and

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Part 3, So you are ready to buy a house!

You have found your perfect Realtor, located your dream home, and are ready to put in an offer! How exciting and scary at the same time. So what is involved in the offer process? There are a lot of forms that you are going to sign and if this is your first time signing then your Realtor is obligated to go over each form and explain every section to you. Please don’t sign anything that

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Part 2, So you are ready to buy a house!

Your financing is secured and your ready to BUY a house. Now what? This is where a lot of people make a mistake. They go to open houses and work with the Listing Agent, the Realtor selling the house. The Listing Agent is working for their client who is selling their home, that is their priority, not you. The Listing Agent is unable to really divulge information that might be obtained by an Realtor representing

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Part 1, So you are ready to buy a house!

So you are ready to buy a house! Congrats!! This is a huge decision. But are you really ready to buy a house?? You have signed up online for all the new listings in your area, scoured, went to every open houses and finally figured out what you want. Now you are ready to start seeing houses, put an offer on a house, and live happily ever after in your dream home. But how? For first

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